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We champion CHOICE

When you use your credit or debit card abroad to buy goods in store, pay at a hotel or restaurant or in fact anywhere you use your card to pay when in a country with a different currency you are offered a choice:

The choice to pay in the local currency, i.e. not your home or issuing bank's currency


The choice to have the cost of the purchase converted into your home currency at the till or point of sale and then complete the payment. If you choose to make the purchase in your home currency, you are completing the transaction using a service known as DCC or Dynamic Currency Conversion. You may also encounter DCC when withdrawing cash at an ATM abroad and when making a purchase online from a website where the products are priced in a different currency than your own. We believe that choosing DCC enhances your overall travel experience as it:

  • Offers familiarity to you by giving you the cost of your purchase in your home currency
  • Helps you to identify value for money on a purchase abroad
  • It will assist you to keep track of your spending by knowing the cost of your transaction at the point of purchase
  • It allows you to secure a competitive exchange rate at the time of your purchase
There are no foreign exchange calculations required on your transactions as DCC offers you familiarity presenting the total cost in the currency you know - your home currency. You have the choice to accept DCC and pay in your familiar currency or to paying in the local currency. Using DCC you can take advantage of a competitive exchange rate. It's important to note:
  • You are always in control of making the choice
  • DCC does not represent an additional cost

When DCC is selected, the exchange rate and any fees added to the transaction replace fees which would normally be applied by your bank and the card schemes. Selecting DCC also allows you to track your spending when on vacation or a business trip because DCC presents you with a definite total amount each time you use your card. We believe that this choice is a real added benefit when traveling abroad and we strive to forge relationships with the relevant banks and retailers to ensure that fair payment choices remain in place for your benefit.