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Values of the DCC Forum

We champion KNOWLEDGE

The DCC Forum wants to educate you about your options when presented with the choice to make a purchase using Dynamic Currency Conversion. Many of you may be unclear why, when making purchase abroad, you are asked whether you want to pay in the local or home currency and what this means.

Through the creation of this dedicated website and establishing more regular communication with the media and the general public, the DCC Forum aims to educate you about your payment options when DCC is available to you. The DCC Forum encourages you to become familiar with the exchange rates and fees charged by your bank so that you are aware of the total cost of a transaction at the point of purchase.

Whether you select or decline DCC, the options are not offered to mislead the consumer and either option is subject to similar exchange rates and comparable fees, instead the options are there to offer you the opportunity:

  • To avail of a competitive exchange rate and fee with full visibility of the cost of the transaction
  • To pay in your home currency which you are most familiar with
  • To assist you to determine value for money
Whether choosing to accept or decline DCC, it is always your decision. We aim to address any concern if there is ambiguity as to why there is an option when making a payment abroad. We will continually invest in consumer research to better understand what you, the DCC user, needs to know and how we can improve the DCC service.