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To THE DCC Forum

Providing confidence when purchasing abroad



To THE DCC Forum

Providing confidence when purchasing abroad

What is DCC?

DCC stands for Dynamic Currency Conversion which is a service you may be offered when paying by credit or debit card for goods and services in a country that has a currency different from yours.

How does it work?

When you use your credit or debit card to make a purchase in a country with a different currency; you will be offered a choice. Learn more by viewing our what is DCC page

About the DCC Forum

The DCC Forum has been created by a group of 5 international companies, all of whom work within the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and financial services sector. You can see the list of companies on our Members page.

As DCC experts, it is our objective to help you understand what DCC is and to ensure that when DCC is available, it is offered to you correctly and in a clear and transparent manner.

We have come together to work on your behalf to ensure that when you are offered DCC, the transaction is correctly carried out at all times. We will help you to understand what the on screen offer means and to determine the value of choosing the DCC option.

Objectives of the DCC Forum

The objectives of the DCC Forum are two-fold:

1. The DCC Forum aims to help you understand the options available when you are presented with the choice to make a purchase using Dynamic Currency Conversion

2. The DCC Forum also promotes a fair and transparent use of Dynamic Currency Conversion within our industry

Why has the DCC Forum been created?

Members of the DCC Forum have elected to adhere to a set of Forum Principles advocating best practice of DCC and ensuring it is operated in line with all card scheme rules.