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Values of the DCC Forum


Before you travel

We want you to have better clarity around the fees charged when you make a purchase abroad. In order for you to be able to select the option that best suits you, i.e. to accept or decline DCC, you should familiarise yourself with the charges that will be applied by your bank when you make a purchase abroad. You should also keep an eye on the exchange rate movements.

When you purchase abroad

At the till, when paying by card, you'll be offered either to pay in the local currency - declining DCC or in your home currency - accepting DCC.

To help you determine value on your purchase and to decide if DCC is the best option for you, we believe that you should have full visibility on the cost of the purchase, including the exchange rate and any fees before you opt to select or decline DCC. Therefore, if you select DCC, you have visibility on the full cost of the purchase and can track the amount of money that leaves your bank account in a currency you're familiar with.

The DCC Forum advocates that all DCC transactions detail the full cost of the purchase before you make the choice to accept or decline DCC.

After you purchase abroad

To further provide transparency on any purchase made using DCC you will be provided with a receipt that details:

  • The local currency amount
  • The cost in your home currency
  • Exchange rate
  • Any fees applied
  • Source of the exchange rate

In line with the Forum principles, your rights as a consumer are fully protected when you make a purchase using DCC. In addition, there are a number of options of redress available for anyone dissatisfied with a DCC transaction.