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Principles of the DCC Forum

Members of the DCC Forum have elected to adhere to a set of Forum Principles to ensure that best practice of DCC is maintained at all times by the industry. Failure to adhere to these principles can result in members' exclusion from the Forum. The members of the DCC Forum champion the highest standards of Dynamic Currency Conversion and share in the goal that you can enjoy the following benefits:

CHOICE: The DCC Forum believes that you should be able to choose to make a purchase in your home currency, accepting DCC, or to pay in the local currency, declining DCC.

INFORMATION: The DCC Forum believes that you should to be provided with essential transaction information before making your decision to accept or decline DCC.

TRANSPARENCY: DCC receipts provide clarity for you by generally detailing; the local currency amount, the transaction currency amount, the exchange rate used, any fees applied and the source of the DCC exchange rate.

BEST PRACTICE: DCC Forum Members abide by Visa and MasterCard DCC rules and regulations, implemented for your benefit.

KNOWLEDGE: The DCC Forum wants to offer you clarity about DCC and what it means when you are presented with the choice to make a purchase using DCC.

CONSUMER PROTECTION: Your consumer rights are fully protected when choosing to make a purchase using DCC and there are a number of options for redress available if you are dissatisfied with any DCC transaction.