Make the most of your travel opportunities this festive season

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Make the most of your travel opportunities this festive season

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year to travel - no matter where in the world you are situated. Whether you are making a trip home to be with your close family or seeking solace in the form of a winter sun retreat, read on for our tips on making the most of the season's travel opportunities.

Early bird

Like with many things, undertaking forward planning often brings the best success. This is certainly the case when booking travel arrangements during the festive season. Conduct your research into tickets as early as possible in order to avoid steep price hikes and ticket shortages. For extra convenience, use comparison websites in order to bag the best deal possible. You may also find that vouchers and discount codes are available for flights and holidays online - these are always worth searching for.

Get clued in

Before travelling to any destination, whether it's a nearby trip to Europe or a venture further afield, make sure that you are clued in on the local culture. According to our research, 58% of Brits don't research the local tipping culture before embarking on their trip. Understanding these international nuances can help visitors to navigate everyday transactions and avoid potentially awkward situations. In the same thread, we also recommend that you have up to date information on exchange rates. As another finding from our research found, only half of UK holidaymakers can identify the correct exchange rate for Pound Sterling and the Euro, so it's worthwhile reading up before going away. Being aware of the payment options available when completing a transaction by card can vastly improve your holiday experience. Cardholders will often be given the choice of paying in local currency or in their home currency, via dynamic currency conversion. Understanding what each entails will enable you to confidently select the option that is most convenient to you at that moment.

Don't ignore the extras

In the haste to book airline and train tickets for Christmas, it can be easy to neglect the important extras such as transfers and taxis once you've reached your destination. Make time to plan these add-ons, having to do so at the last minute is a stress that can be easily avoided. Often, these can be incorporated into a package along with flights or hotel bookings.

Don't get caught out

As we know, the Christmas season often leads to an unwanted surprise when we step on the scales - don't let your excess baggage add to the worries! DCC Forum's research highlighted recently that only 31% of British holidaymakers weigh their hold luggage before they go to the airport. If you're catching a flight this winter, remember to check the rules and regulations of your chosen carrier so you aren't caught out at the airport by overweight baggage charges. The festive season should be a time to relax, unwind and celebrate after another busy year. Hopefully our tips help you do this so that wherever you are travelling, you can enjoy a very merry Christmas!