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The roll out the Cross-Border Payments EU Regulation (2019/518) marks a key milestone in what has been an in-depth process headed up by the European Union (EU) Commission, with the ultimate aim of bringing greater transparency and understanding to cross-border payments among EU countries. This Regulation signifies an important step forward for our industry and an opportunity to level the playing field for all parties the space, working to provide a better service to consumers so they can make more informed decisions on the payment option that suits them best.

As an organisation, The DCC Forum has welcomed the additional measures introduced in March 2019 by the EU Parliament and the EU Council as proposed by the EU Commission, which align closely with and cement our overarching principles of choice and transparency for cardholders abroad. We are committed to supporting our membership in the roll out of the requirements, to ensure the DCC service is delivered in a compliant manner.

Within this guide we have sought to answer some of the key questions and need-to-knows around the legislation, to ensure that everyone can benefit from the new rules being implemented. You will also find regular updates on industry developments in our news section on the website.

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